Charge-N-Sync FAQ


Charge-N-Sync FAQ




Question: What does the Charge-N-Sync do?

Answer:    The Charge-N-Sync backs up your photos, videos and contacts, every time you charge your Android smartphone or tablet. The data is stored on a removable micro SD card located in the charger itself.



Question: How is the Charge-N-Sync different from cloud storage solutions?

Answer:    We believe the Charge-N-Sync clearly provides greater value in 3 ways:



Question: How do I restore my data in case I lose my phone or upgrade to a new one?

Answer:   Charge-N-Sync comes with a free companion app. Whenever you are ready to restore your data to a new device, simply launch the companion app and hit the restore button. That’s it! No complicated steps or additional hassle.



Question: I would like to back up my device but I don’t want to deal with the hassle, is the Charge-N-Sync for me?

Answer:   ABSOLUTELY! The Charge-N-Sync was designed to protect your precious data with requiring any extra effort to get it done! You have to charge your smartphone or tablet anyway – with the Charge-N-Sync, you just charge your device like you normally would and it backs up your device automatically without you having to lift a finger. If you ever want to restore your data, just open the companion app and hit one button. That’s it!


Question: I am a really bad with technology, is this product for me?

Answer:   ABSOLUTELY! The Charge-N-Sync was designed with every type of user in mind. Whether you are a senior citizen who does not feel comfortable with technology or someone who just doesn’t like to deal with techy things, the Charge-N-Sync is perfect! There is virtually nothing to do – just plug in your device to charge, and that’s it!



Question: I am pretty tech savvy, what is the value proposition of the Charge-N-Sync for me?

Answer:   Please see question 2 above. The Charge-N-Sync provides greater security by storing your data locally and removes the burden of recurring monthly fees. Since you have to charge your device anyway, you could also use the Charge-N-Sync IN ADDITION to a cloud storage solution. This would provide you with a redundant local backup of your most precious data.



Question: What smartphones and tablets does the Charge-N-Sync work with?

Answer:   The Charge-N-Sync works with all Android smartphones and tablets running Android verison 3.1 or higher.



Question: How many amps is the Charge-N-Sync?

Answer: The Charge-N-Sync is a rapid charger with a 2.1 amp output. Therefore, it will charge your smartphone or tablet more quickly than a regular charger.