4 Reasons Why You Need Charge-N-Sync


4 Reasons Why You Need Charge-N-Sync

1.  Its most secure smartphone data solution available

Your data is stored locally on the Charge-N-Sync so that YOU have TOTAL control.  Every day there is a new story about data in the cloud being hacked.  From iCloud photos, to Ashley Madison, to even the United States Department of State.  If your data is in the cloud it is vulnerable to theft by hackers.  It is only a matter of time.

      2.  There's NO recurring fees

        Use a micro SD card and have as much storage as you need with the Charge-N-Sync.  Cloud services will charge you EVERY month for data storage.  And if you need more storage they will charge you MORE, EVERY month.

        3.  Charge-N-Sync is the most convenient smartphone backup solution in the world

        You need to charge your smartphone anyway – use the Charge-N-Sync and backup your data while you charge your phone with NO EXTRA EFFORT.  You pay for the charger and you get peace of mind for free, knowing that your data is safe!

        4.  Its an INCREDIBLE value!

        The Charge-N-Sync is approximately the same price as most standard USB wall chargers for Android phones.  However, in addition to being a 2 amp rapid charger, the Charge-N-Sync will securely back up your smartphone data and allow to you to restore it at the touch of the a button using the free companion app.